Mowing-Gilbert Aide-de-Camp


Regular Lawn Mowing Service

Edge: Trim lawn edges of pathways, driveways, garden borders, walls, and fence lines.
Mow: Cut all lawn areas to a neat, healthy height, and remove clippings.
Blow: Blow off any loose leaves from pathways, driveways, and decks.

Special Introductory Offer:
A FREE weed spray of pathways and driveways, for every new Regular Customer.
Applied when the customer agrees to the Regular Service, depending on showers on the day.

Read our Fact Sheet on Love My Lawn.

Regular Cycle:
Summer: Every 2 weeks from December to February.
Autumn: Every 3 weeks from March to May.
Winter: Every 4 weeks from June to August.
Spring: Every 3 weeks from September to November.
>>> Or more often when requested <<<

I can send a reminder SMS the day before your next service.
Invoices can be emailed. Payment by Bank Transfer. Terms: 7 days from Invoice date.

Call today for a no-obligation free quote:

 0481 261 922  

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