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Enhance the Presentation of your Grounds

Lawn Fertilizing
- Quick release spray-on seaweed solution for a quick boost in growth.
- Slow release pellets for continued feeding over a few months. Usually applied Spring, Summer and Autumn.
Read our Fact Sheet on Fertilisers 4 Plants.

Lawn Weeding
- Spray for Bindii, Clover and broad-leaf weeds in your Lawn.
- Bindii and Clover is usually applied once a year in July or August.
- Other weeds can be sprayed anytime under suitable conditions. Ie. Not raining, Not windy, Not hot.

Lawn Repairs
- Top-dress lawns to fill-in any hollows or gaps.
- Install new turf to worn areas or bare patches.
- Aeration of compacted hard soils.
Read our Fact Sheet on What Plants Need.

Spot Spray Weeds
- Spray weeds in pathways, driveways and pavers.
- Spray weeds in garden beds and around buildings.

Pressure Cleaning
- Water pressure cleaning of pathways, driveways and patios. (Excludes paved areas.)

Timber Decks
- Water pressure cleaning of timber decks.
- Apply a new coat of oil to protect and nourish the timber.

- Install irrigation to your garden beds. Can be either drip-feed, trickler heads, shower sprays, or a combination of all.
- Install irrigation to your lawn areas. This can be either pop-up sprinklers, or fixed spray heads.
- Add an automatic controller.

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